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Sharron Jones

The Client

Mid-sized medical services company in the Greater Toronto Area with 40 users and revenues over $10 million USD annually.

The Problem

A one-man team and ad-hoc infrastructure had corporate resources stretched thin. Critical system outages and security concerns were keeping the Operations Manager awake at nights, worrying that the company could grind to a halt at any time.

The Solution

On-Site Network Assessment – System Lifeline technicians performed an on-site network assessment with the IT Manager and Operations Manager. The assessment began with an in-depth interview with the principle players responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, assessing corporate structure and key customer and finance-facing systems.

A hands-on visit to the server room in the basement of this historic Georgian manor-turned-office resulted in a comprehensive executive Site Report, including actionable, pro-active recommendations for improvement of corporate IT infrastructure.

Recommendations – The IT Manager immediately recognized the importance of the System Lifeline Site Report, and implemented many of the suggestions made by the Technology Team, laying the groundwork for solid system monitoring and support.

Prioritization and Monitoring – Critical business systems were prioritized, with key hardware and software applications receiving monitoring immediately. System Lifeline secured the business-essential systems, ensuring 100% business functionality within hours.

The Results

“We went from zero to 100% in a matter of hours,“ says Sharron Jones, Operations Manager, “The moment the System Lifeline technicians stepped on the premises, a huge weight went off my shoulders.” Ms. Jones was in charge of Operations and IT Infrastructure for the company, and answered directly to the CEO about the recent outages in critical business systems. “Overnight, I didn’t have to worry about the late night phone calls from Customer Service staff that our phone lines were down, or the VP of Marketing charging into my office because our ad-serving system had died,” Ms. Jones said, “I had real-time monitoring and I got a heads-up from System Lifeline long before a system outage became a business problem.”

The Cost-Benefit

“We had been debating bringing in another IT employee,” Ms. Jones says, “Instead, implementation of the System Lifeline monitoring system cost our company far less than it would have to recruit a junior tech support. Ongoing monthly monitoring is less than half of another salary on the payroll, and I don’t have to spend time managing another employee.”